Stylish, attention-grabbing promo reel, also known as show reel or teaser is a ticket to success of any promo campaign. This 3- to 5- minute’s video should consist of the most essential components to produce the desired effect on the audience and to give a comprehensive idea of presented brand, services or products.

Not too long, amusing, not too many text messages, high-quality content…

These and some other rules become crucial for business communication process, both B2B or B2C marketing strategy.

In order to impress and effectively convey the message to potential customers, partners or other target audience, demo reels should first of all be “an eye-candy” for viewers.

Demo reels or promo videos are often demonstrated at presentations, trade-shows, on TV and websites to attract as many visitors as possible. This is a great way to let the world know about your brand or company, as it can be published on web and spread worldwide in one click.

But a poorly crafted demo reel can do more damage to your business than no reel at all.

In order to get thousands or even millions of clicks on Youtube or Vimeo you should follow these tips to produce a high-impact video that will captivate the viewers’ attention, convey your message and increase the revenue ten-folds.

Only high-quality video, audio and image inserts

video insertsLow-quality content will lead to a very crappy outcome. No one will trust your services or brand if your presentation video is crafted with low level of proficiency and care. This will shatter confidence in the quality of provided services and will show your “don’t care” attitude to work.

Record video in HD format, hire professional photographer and use high-quality audio assets to produce demo reel that is worth watching.

Visuals and background music

The quality of video and audio assets is extremely important for the final result, however content of the reel is even more important. The reel should have a narrative thread conveying your brand message in the most effective manner.

  1. Do not use too much text inserts.
  2. Minimize the use of long phrases.
  3. Use short catching slogans or calls for action.

Background music sets the general mood of your video presentation. Select appropriate track that will not irritate the viewers and will not draw too much attention. Your task is to engage the viewers and not to irritate them.

Study the audience

hands upBefore starting to assemble the reel, study the audience, because creating a reel for business partners and consumers is a different sort of things. 

Studying the audience means understanding the end users’ expectations towards your company. Create a reel with your target audience in mind. What would they prefer to see: lots of graphs showing the growth of trade, stats or spectacular animated elements accompanied by pulsing, fast-paced music beats?

Get to the point

We hold to an opinion that better less, but of higher quality. Tell the story of your company in a concise manner not to make the viewer’s tired by watching a 10 minutes reel. 3 minutes is the optimum length of a reel.

Be sure that your video reel consists of the most essential and powerful parts. The most important goal of this video is provide the audience with the general idea of what your service or product is all about.

If you are creating an advertising reel and your purpose is to promote and sell your products, it is recommended to add a call for action like Sign up or Follow and a brief instruction on how the users can benefit from your products today.

Insert 3D content

It has been proven that qualitative 3D content helps to grasp users’ attention. Moreover it offers great opportunities to add fantastic creatures to a storyline. Highly-realistic 3D animation and applied visual effects add spectacularity to the promo reel.

Of course it takes time to create realistic-looking CG, apply texture, lit and animate most of the shots and add Visual Effects, as well as seamlessly combine video shots and CG in one seamless video. But the result is worth the efforts.

Check out this animated reel produced by 3D-Ace as part of a series of simple (low cost) advertising videos about a cartoon character named Red created for a medical company.

We at 3D-Ace can produce both low-poly 3D animation for small budgets and photo-realistic 3D assets that will make your demo or promo reel “an eye candy” for the audience and will increase the revenue of your company.

Check out our Portfolio to find more examples of 3D content produced by 3D-Ace artists.

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