3d home, tablet PCTablets are no longer considered a novelty item, and the more comfortable we feel with tablet PCs such as Apple iPad, Android, Windows 8 or BlackBerry, the more they change the way we work.

Tables have become an integral part of everyday life and are not only a tool for playing games, but also an important tool of engaging customers.

Digital information serves salesmen?

Just look around you, people are constantly using their laptops, smart phones and tablets to check out a product they want to buy. And what if to use digital information on higher level? 

Imagine entering a real estate sales agency where sales representatives use the most advanced tablet PCs to provide a 3D virtual tour through your dream home. This digital journey has undeniable benefits compared to ordinary on-line search as it provides answers to all questions and is more involving and engaging. 

Gone are the days when home buyers had to flip through static images in glossy brochures. Volumetric presentations and digital technologies have finally entered the real estate market and combined in one easy-to-use setting tool. 360 degree interior and exterior view of a house is changing according to the way you rotate or turn the device. Moreover easy tapping allows sales representatives and potential customers quickly change over to another 3D visualization of premises for sale.

Ready at hand assistant 

tablet pcWhen someone has to decide between two floor plans, he does not need to flip back and forth, the tablet can display both 3D floor plans side by side. Table PC and 3D visualization can greatly assist the sales process and now real estate developers have to focus on providing compelling, lifelike visuals of real estate items. Otherwise, it will be difficult to attract the prospective home buyers both on-line visitors of your web page and off-line visitors during face-to-face negotiation in your showroom.

Digital touchscreens offer more personal focal point that is:

  • highly collaborative,
  • informative
  • and versatile.

Modern tablets are equipped with wireless capability so potential home buyers can access your company webpage via the Internet to check out available 3D visuals and try interactive walkthroughs of houses.

Engage your customers!

Up to the present moment, many real estate developers were satisfied with presenting their ideas and buildings with static 2D images, life-like photos or blueprints across their glossy catalogues and brochures, website and magazines. At the age of rich information and digital technologies this is definitely not enough.

To engage customers to invest in construction you need an high-end 3D visualization of future house including all the neighboring facilities like shops, parks, playgrounds, schools… to make the potential customer get the feeling of a place and believe in what he sees. Along with full attention-getting capacity of 3D, tablet PC provides full interactivity and any time, any place accessibility.

Presenting your vision three-dimensionally with tablet PCs is one step forward to differentiate yourself from hundreds of competitors.  We are sure you will be surprised of how much time people will spend in your sales agency once you equip the area with interactive wall-mounted touch screens or handheld tablets used by sales representatives.

Give your customers what they do not even expect and take priority of next-gen selling tool.

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