Everything starts from the idea. Let's presume that some people have an idea of a game that must catch up attention of the audience and finally become the favourite game of the thousands of gamers round the globe. Sometimes, the game owners have more or less clear conception of how the pictures in the game should look like. In this case artists implement their idea in accordance with the specifications the game owners provide. But there are other cases when the game owner does not know what particular features the game heroes will have and how the whole picture will look like. In this case the cooperation between the contractor's artists and clients becomes much more close and intense.

Even the project's formed plan undergoes many changes while passing through different stages. Therefore, it is vital to find the good team of artists who will not only have a proven expertise in 3D modeling for games but also will grasp your ideas and interpret it in a proper way.

When the client knows exactly what characters he wants to see, how they look, their manners and characters, they present the references. Consequently, elaboration of every detail of the character should be done: may it be a cartoon hero, slot or 2D/3D game hero. Knowledge and talent are the pivotal characteristics of the team of artists who do that job for you.

The case becomes more complicated when a customer has a vague insight how their characters should look. That's where real drudgery starts.

The most vital point from which everything begins is finding the right concept which will satisfy the client and in many cases even enrich the perception of their own idea. Mutual understanding and willingness to find common language is the key criteria for the success of the final result. Then the proper references must be found, they should be as much representative of the discussed idea as possible. Sketch drawing takes lots of artists' skills and know-how.

For example, every movement of the hero should be thought over, therefore the artist creates many sketches with a character striking different poses.

As the result – sketches must receive the client's approving.

The next stage is very tricky and may be exciting at the same time. That is selection of colour scheme. Its importance cannot be exaggerated: how the heroes will be presented in your game, their liveliness and attractiveness to your potential viewer. Particularly colour is the main means to attract human attention.

Colours evoke people's feelings that are connected with the life experience of everyone. The game perception depends heavily on the chosen colour scheme. And finally finalization of the process: clarification of details with the client and modification of the project.

Developing the new game project is demanding but at the same time very creative and interesting process. And that is our passion! We have been working on different game projects since 2002, have accumulated great experience of doing it and we are eager to take on new challenges with the new projects.

You can view the examples of our 2D images for online, social and mobile games and that is just the part of what we have done. We are passionate about games, art and drawing and would be glad to share our passion with you!

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