Architectural animation

There are few ways to show off a building better than architectural animation: it can give viewers a great understanding of a building design, as well as demonstrate processes like construction, decoration, and walkthrough. With demand for this form of media huge nowadays, you might think that getting someone to make it is easy-breezy. However, in terms of specialists, it can be surprisingly difficult for businesses to find architectural animation services at reasonable rates and with a high level of quality.

3D-Ace has a solution for these businesses looking for true professionals. We are an art studio with many working experts in the field of architectural animation, and our services are broad and multi-faceted. Everything you need to get your project off the ground and visualized in full splendor can be gained from us, and we are ready to show you why the choice of provider should be an easy one.

We Create Architectural Animation For:

Stadium animation

  • BIM construction/planning
  • Building project presentation
  • Real estate firms and agents
  • Tour operators
  • Educational institutions
  • and many other industries...

As you can see, our work is useful in a multitude of industries. Our past clients have come from all walks of life and contacted us with vastly different requests, which we have obliged. Flexibility is one of the defining traits of our studio, so we are happy to take on new challenges and fulfill custom requests we have not encountered before.

Main Types of Architectural Animation We Make

Our team is ready to deliver 3D animation in different forms and for different needs, so you can choose the type that works best for your business or put in a custom request if you don’t find what you need in the list. For example, if your project is centered around a single building/area, the sequences can include:



  • Construction process

    Show the process of the building being constructed from the foundation to the last polishing touches. Choose the speed at which it happens and additional stipulations (such as virtual construction workers in the clip).

  • Cladding

    SWith a clip of cladding, you can visualize the various external layers of your building and how they are applied to each other. You will be free to choose the material, thickness, color, and other features of the cladding layers.

  • Roofing

    If your project is centered around roof construction (or if this is a particular focus), we can illustrate the process in great detail, showing each tile being placed, full of color, texture, and lifelike accuracy.

  • Renovation

    We can simulate the process of a building renovation, providing a convenient reference as to how it will be modernized and what the end result will look like. The view can stay fixed on the outside or also show internal structural and cosmetic changes.



  • Pathways and panoramas

    Freely explore the rooms and floors of the building, including both scenic locations and those with purpose limited to physical maintenance. Enjoy the details ingrained in each location.

  • Appliances and accessories in motion

    See how it will look with your gadgets (TV, projector, Roomba, dance stage, etc.) working and creating a particular atmosphere/impression for visitors and tenants.

  • Natural elements

    From running water to outside-vented air and fireplace emulation, we know how to make the effects of natural elements look and feel real in a simulation.

  • Decoration

    With videos of a building being decorated from the inside, you can showcase major cosmetic improvements (paint jobs, tiling, furniture fitting, etc.) without having to physically complete the process.

Surrounding Premises

Surrounding Premises

  • Flythrough

    We can simulate the view you typically get in a helicopter looking at a territory from above. It can be a casual flyover at a chosen height or circling around the premises and showing them from all angles.

  • Time changes

    A gorgeous clip of the day-night cycle of your building/facility can really paint a vivid picture of how it will stand among others. This includes simulation of sunlight changes, clouds, artificial illumination, and other changes that typically take place throughout the day.

  • Infrastructure changes

    Infrastructure changes (e.g. new walkways, utility buildings, wiring and piping) that take place on the premises can be illustrated in a clip, whether you want to depict the process from start to finish or how the end product will look with people/vehicles using the infrastructure.

We Can Add These Effects

Below are some of the common and typical effects we add as part of our 3D architectural animation services. Naturally, we also welcome requests to create custom effects not listed.

  1. Walkthrough/movement – demonstrate the interior and exterior of your building, possibly from the perspective of someone walking around the place.
  2. Construction time-lapse – a chronological view of the building being erected/updated, sped up in a quick sequence.
  3. Color customization – viewers can experience multiple variations of an animation based on the color applied to the building façade/materials/decorations/etc.
  4. Interactive visualization – animation built into software. We can give viewers multiple choices throughout the clip, and their decisions will influence how the sequence plays out.
  5. 360-degree view – full camera rotation. Viewers can choose the angle they want to watch the sequence from, or this broad view can be added at certain points of the sequence.

How We Did Architectural Animation Before

Our architectural animation studio has undertaken dozens of industry-specific projects, and many of them were made with immersive tech like VR and integrated with software to create interactive experiences. Here are a few examples:

Real-time Interior Visualization in Unreal Engine 4

Using the UE4 engine, we created the walkthrough experience above and compiled it into a video. The clip features an exploration of the different rooms of a cozy house, with interior elements like furniture and decorations already present. The original experience also included interactive options that are accessed with VR.

BIM Visualization

This demo video showcases a large hospital in a busy city area. Throughout the clip, you see the floor structure of the building, various architectural aspects like ventilation and electric systems. Additionally, you can see the building from the inside with the perspective of a visitor walking the hospital’s corridors.

Virtual Walking Tour

This demo video was based off a VR experience and shows an elegant hotel. A walkthrough of the building is shown, with the camera capturing both the exterior of the building and its many interior sections, including a dining room and guest suite.

Our Approach to Architectural Animation

We have an effective and reliable process in place to ensure that the animation we create meets and exceeds our clients’ expectations. It all begins with a message or a call – you can get in touch with us through any convenient means and let us know what you want. At that point, we discuss possible cooperation and if both sides are content, we sign paperwork formalizing the agreement. You can also opt for additional documents protecting the project confidentiality, such as NDA.

To make the animation, we need a reference point from you. It could be any of the following:

  • Blueprints and sketches of a building
  • Photos/videos taken from different angles
  • A concept drawing
  • A detailed description

With a reference point, we can get about creating the models in 3D and putting everything in motion. Depending on your preferences, we can also provide storyboards and early drafts/renders that give an idea of how the sequence will go. We create the models and sequences using the finest software in the industry, including 3DS Max, Blender, and Maya.

Our technical expertise also allows us to achieve spectacular visuals and effects. This goes beyond making a functional animation – we know how to get the perfect angles and frames, turning even the most lackluster setting into one that is exciting and unique.

Why Choose 3D-Ace for Architectural 3D Animation Services

You have seen some of the things that we can do, but what else makes us a studio worth cooperating with? Well, we have multiple benefits for you that set us apart from other architectural 3D animation companies:

✓ Competitive prices

✓ 20+ years of experience

✓ Full protection of project confidentiality

✓ A large team of available animators

✓ Reliable reputation

Our studio is based in Ukraine, where the talent market is bigger and rates are lower in comparison with North America and Europe. More information about our studio is available on the About Us page.

Have any questions or want to get started? Just contact us!

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