Do we need 3D on every device we use? Many of us have been wrestling this topic since the appearance of the first mobile device with autostereoscopic parallax barrier display in November, 2002. These displays allow to view 3D content without 3D glasses.

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In 2011 the first 3D-capable smartphone entered the international market. And today, with the emergence of the latest version of Micromax A115 Canvas 3D with 3D capacitive touchscreen we came to a conclusion that it is a pure gimmick of mobile device developers aiming to captivate the attention and interest of the audience. But regretfully this 3D option quickly fades the potential consumers away. As for many people 3D on mobile devices remains a useless feature.

Is 3D just a useless option?

Overwhelming majority of users do not want 3D images to seemingly pop out of their iPhones, but still that does not stop the growing number of companies from moving into 3D area.

Still, understanding all the attractiveness of 3D we consider the use of rendered 3D images on mobile devices a far better idea as it does not require any special display or glasses, does not overload the users’ eyes and with that add the depth to the image.

3D Adds the Depth and Interactivity

3D content on mobile devices can be used either for:

Mobile devices with touchscreens provide additional possibilities to explore more possibilities of 3D content, for example:

  • 3D content can be touched (which adds more interactivity to the content)
  • It can be rotated, zoomed in and out with a finger tap
  • 3D brings content closer to the user

Mobile devices like iPad or iPhone are lovely devices for viewing and interacting with the content.

Moreover, creating advertisement for mobile devices in 3D means captivating more attention of users. Generally people are trying to skip the ads as quick as possibly, but maybe this time the things will be different?

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