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10 Amazing Low-Poly Graphics in Games

Low-poly games have to mostly rely on making great and addictive content in order to compensate for the visual austerity. Let's take a sneak peek at some of the most influential games that were ingenious enough to create a great experience without using contemporary tools and techniques.

3D Modeling Techniques in Games

3D modeling is a rather complex and expensive process and hardly any game can be made without it. Various tools are at the artists' disposal to project their glance of how the world should look. We are ready to shed some light on the prominent techniques that are regularly used.

Best Animation Tools in 2017: Top 6 Most Powerful Software

Since the Dark Ages, humanity tried to visualize different scenes that people witness in everyday life. It all began with a 5000-year-old cup picturing a jumping goat, and it made the first significant progress in animation technology.

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3D-Ace Comes to GamesCom 2017

The team of professionals from 3D-Ace visits Germany for GamesCom 2017, the world’s largest trade fair and conference for interactive games and entertainment.

3D-Ace Studio at MIA Animation Conference

October 24, 2016, Kharkiv, Ukraine - The 3D-Ace team visited an annual MIA animation conference and festival organized with the help of Miami Dade College at the Wolfson Campus.

30th Anniversary GDC Welcomed 3D-Ace Team

Game Developers Conference is the most spectacular event of 2016 for developers from all over the world. 3D-Ace experts share their impressions about this outstanding experience.


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