3D Modeling Services For 3D Printing

The technology of 3D printing is a quick and effective method to implement your ideas into a real life and get a touchable object to examine. Completed figures and objects can be printed in a matter of days and cost not too much depending on the size and complexity. 3D printers work based on layer manufacturing principals and use a wide range of materials, such as various solid elements (in particular, metal and plastic) and liquid substances. If it comes to prototypes, 3D printing can greatly diminish the time spent on the market testing measures, the size of the budget and, in addition, enhanced the performance.

3D printing requires comprehensive three-dimensional models that must be created and modeled according to the industry standards. 3D-Ace specializes in unique techniques that ensure the recognition of visual model by 3D printers and printing of that model with every fine detail. It's always better to create a printable model utilizing computer aided design tools (CAD) that help to optimize the three-dimensional object for the printer. 

Stages Of Modeling

The modeling processes as a part of the preliminary preparation for 3D printing measures has very few differences compared to the standard modeling procedure and includes:

  • Collection and digitizing of all data that is necessary to create a 3D model (like sketches, images, photographs, drawings and other sources).

We gather all necessary information to create a complete picture of a future 3D model based on available sources and required parameters. For example, if the figure is expected to be in color, it’s necessary to receive textures.

  • Creation of the 3D prototype utilizing progressive modeling systems like 3ds Max, Maya, and ZBrush.

We work under advanced modeling techniques and methods, for example, polygonal and digital sculpting approaches. Implemented methods can vary depending on the intricacy of the replica and project requirements. We take into consideration all task specification and create a figure based on client's demands.

  • Optimization of the modeled object according to standard requirements for printable 3D objects.

We make sure that the model fits into 3D printing standards, specifically, it must comply with required wall thickness minimum in case the model is hollow or contains subtle elements. Besides, the model must have physically correct size and contains no holes in the grid. For color models, it's necessary to save textures along with a mesh in game zip-file. The model itself should be saved in .stl, .obj or .vrlm2 formats.

Benefits of Cooperation With 3D-Ace

Working with 3D-Ace as your reliable partner in 3D modeling for 3D printers ensures a range of advantages:

  1. The capability to build complex 3D models with complicated geometry and sophisticated internal structure.
  2. Our experts are qualified to create comprehensive models of any objects, considering size, moving parts, available materials, the possibility of combining pieces together, etc.
  3. An implementation of modern technologies allows executing of modeling services within a short time and at an affordable price.
  4. Powerful background in 3D printing, strong understanding and advanced skills in modeling techniques makes cooperation with 3D-Ace highly profitable.

3D-Ace is ready to create custom 3D models for 3D printers of any size and complexity. You can choose the most comfortable partnership conditions and relegate your project to our company or one of our professionals and experience our expert services.

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