3D Retopology Services

Retopology is a process of recreating a surface or model using optimal geometry solutions. Retopology is about making a high-poly model a low-poly one. This approach helps to make the model less resource consuming and increase rendering performance.

Having an overly detailed or sloppy model is making it really hard to work with. When it comes to real-time rendering, animation, games or even 3D printing a poor-topology model can slow down and disrupt the whole process. At the 3D-Ace studio, our artists deal with the most complex cases of bad topology and will save you a lot of time and resources applying retopology tools and skills to fix your models.

Retopology services

Custom Retopology Services

Our team of professional 3D-artists uses 3Ds Max and Maya to achieve the cleanest and most optimized low-poly models that you can use in any of your projects.

We focus on:

  • Retopology for game models
  • Retopology for rendering and CAD model conversion
  • Retopology for animation
  • 3D scans retopology

When would you need retopology?

It’s always great to have a nice and clean topology in your model, however, sometimes you need to use retopology to fix your models. There are a lot of cases when the retopology is needed, for example:

In character animation, having a poor model topology may create certain obstacles when you need to make your character smile, bend, or move in any other way. When the model deformation happens the character animation may appear very unnatural and sharp. Retopology helps to fix these issues and prepare the model for animation.

Creating a model for a game engine may be tricky. For example, a game engine may triangulate your model to make it fit into the game. When you have your model built using N-gons, for example, the game engine may render your model in a way that you don’t need. So, triangulating your model properly will give you a clear understanding of how your model will look.

Retopology helps you reduce the polygon count and take control over the mesh deformation flow when animating for games or movies. It also helps you reduce the weight of the model which is an optimal solution for real-time rendering.

Retopology services we provide:

  • Vertices and edges correction
  • Mesh flow cleaning
  • Distorted polygons optimization
  • Polygon count reduction and model smoothing
  • Visual authenticity and aesthetics preservation

3D Scan Retopology Into Low-poly

3D scanning is one of the easiest ways to create a quick 3D model without knowing how to model. However, the first obstacle that you hit is an incredibly high-poly model that needs to be cleaned out and shaped.

After the 3D scan, an object looks bumpy and sharp, and it strives for being optimized. This is where retopology is very handy. Retopology after a 3D scan is a way out to optimize the model and make it look awesome. Retopologizing 3D scans into low-poly models is one of our common practices, and is something we deal with every day.

Through years of collaboration with our clients on a variety of projects of different complexities, we have developed a keen eye on polygon flaws, distortions, overlaying faces, and sharp edges. We are experts in custom retopology, and we do our best to keep your models within the polygon budget. Want to see us in action?

The 3D-Ace team provides high-quality retopology services and will happily assist you with your model.

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