If you are looking for an experienced team to create a 3D prototype of products for technical presentation or virtual training, than you have come right.

Where to use

  • Our team can bring your ideas or concept to life by producing high-quality 3D prototypes of products in development.
  • Cutting-edge 3D models allow engineers to efficiently bring products to the marketplace. Effective demonstration of the product in 3D format attracts customers and investors and brings products to the next level of development.
  • With 3D technologies you can train key personnel. Computer-based training simulator is the only way to effectively teach personnel in environments where classical trainings are either too expensive or dangerous and can injure the operator.

Why 3D-Ace?

3D-Ace Studio team’s main values are accuracy and attention to details which are extremely important when creating 3D prototypes of products for industrial sector.

We can:

Tractor 3D prototype

  • create custom 3D models of device and equipment of any complexity for different manufacturing needs;
  • produce 3D models of industrial equipment in disassembled state enabling to see how all its parts fit together, and how to better maintain and repair that device;
  • deliver 3D models with proper lighting, texturing, shadowing to achieve a realistic effect;
  • create 3D models and scenes for virtual trainings resembling the real-life environment.

Whatever graphic you need 3D-Ace Studio can create multidiscipline 3D models for engineering needs from detail CAD sketches or just from an idea; we can bring your thoughts to life with a complete array of 3D modeling and animation services.

Useful Information

We help our clients to operate ahead of schedule and control the costs. Visit our Portfolio to see the examples of 3D models created for manufacturing sector.

Request a Quote Since 2009, we've developed numerous projects in 2D and 3D, including models and props for Unity and Unreal Engine as well as AR/VR/MR-ready 3D models. Contact us!

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