Government and Military

3D modeling in military

Our company has a broad experience in providing 3D modeling services for government agencies and military institutions.

People learn best by doing, but sometimes it might be extremely expensive or dangerous to gain practical experience in real-life conditions.

We offer 3D modeling services for computer-based interactive trainings for civil and military organizations which keep participants involved in the learning process and offer undeniable benefits compared to classical trainings.

We can become a modeling extension of a development team focusing on creation of applications or interactive trainings for government and military organizations.

All 3D models we create look real and have very precise dimensions representing the object in visual fidelity, which helps training participants to easily start using real equipment and confidently act in real-life environment.

What we offer

3D modeling in military by 3D-Ace

3D-Ace artists can create highly detailed and accurate 3D models for application used in civil and military market, including the following:

  • Any military oriented 3D models like environment, characters (soldiers, marine troops, etc.), arms and weapon, battles, fights, any kind of vehicles, etc.
  • 3D models for virtual military trainings (army, navy and air force) to train soldiers how to react in combat or other dangerous situations.
  • Life-based 3D scenes allowing to experience realistic virtual world, while executing scenario-based training.

Alone with modeling services we can provide full-cycle 2D/3D solutions including both modeling and development services with help of our parent company Program-Ace. See our virtual military training developed in cooperation with Program-Ace, which allows army forces working through various military situations in virtual reality.

Useful Information

Unfortunately, we cannot disclose some complex projects produced for military purposes as they are under NDA. But you can visit our Portfolio to find high-quality 2D/3D content in free access produced for both civil and military purposes.

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