3D Cities

Make an overwhelming statement by showcasing your city in 3D with 3D-Ace Studio. We provide 3D modeling services for creation of complex and realistic 3D models of cities and urban environments.

What is a 3D city?3D city

3D city is basically a digital model of the Earth surfaces and other objects related to urban areas like buildings, factories, roads, trees and other objects in 3D format

3D city is often referred to as a Virtual City or even a Cyber City.

Where to use

3D city can be used either to visualize the built environment or is used as 3D interface in more sophisticated simulators.

We can produce 3D models of cities, residential districts and landscapes for architectural and engineering activities, presentations, navigation through the area, research as well as for other commercial and scientific purposes.

The possibilities are truly endless; however, the majority of virtual cities are created simply for visualization and navigation through the area.

How we do it

If we create 3D model of real city or area, then we use high-resolution satellite images or aerial mapping photography. The process of 3D city modeling includes:

1Superimposing, a process when a 2D image of terrain features like land, rivers and roads is draped onto a digital elevation model.

2Extruding the building footprints according to aerial photograph and topographic map and then merging them with a digital elevation model to produce the initial model of a virtual city.

3Sometimes, we use another approach when a multiple view point of terrestrial images is used to reconstruct photo-textured building models.

4The final stage of a city modeling is the creation of extra landscape objects such as trees, lamp posts, sign boards, bus stops etc. as well as adding textures, lightning and shadows to achieve more realistic look.

5Our experienced team creates 3D city models with the highest level of detail using the most up-to-date software like Adobe Photoshop, 3d Studio Max and others.

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