3D Catalogs

3D model of photo cameraUse of 3D data in catalogue production opens the door for new opportunities whether it is a printed or on-line catalog.

We provide 3D modeling services for both printed advertising materials and on-line 3D catalogs. These can be catalogs of any goods including but not limited to hi-tech tools, parts, equipment, furniture, etc.

Why to use 3D catalog?

Online 3D catalog is the best alternative to spread the information about your products worldwide allowing clients to thoroughly examine the product they need via the Internet. Online 3D catalog is available regardless of time or day improving the customer service experience with your company.

The advantage of using 3D models in online catalog:

  • Proper lighting, texturing, shadowing, etc., help to present your products in the business winning and appealing way.
  • Advanced options for product manipulation: zoom, rotate, move, etc.
  • Fast and easy integration with your website.

Efficient Sales Tool

3D model of headphonesConsumers do not want to waste hours searching for goods they need. All they want is to get on-line, find the product they need, compare it and order. 3D catalogs provide customers with a unique opportunity to examine the product and evaluate its benefits online.

Catalog in 3D format increases the sales potential and promotes all kinds of products worldwide making you the preferred supplier in your business area.

With online 3D catalog you can:

  • Increase sales up to 85%.
  • Attract more visitors to your website.
  • Find new customers and partners worldwide.
  • Improve customer self-service.
  • Save money on opening new representative offices and hiring personnel.

How We Do It

We create 3D models of your products from 2D drawings or images in all popular formats for further integration with your website.

Visit our Portfolio to find more 3D models produced by our team.

Since 2009, we've developed numerous projects in 2D and 3D, including models and props for Unity and Unreal Engine. Contact us!