Time & Material

What is Time & Material business model?

Time & Material cooperation model is a great opportunity to get the project in production quickly. If you don’t want to waste time on sending the project details to different contractors to get a rough quote and finalize requirements to end up with a fixed price quote, we recommend opting for a Time & Material business model.  

The customer in this model is charged according to the agreed hourly rate and the cost depends on the total amount of hours spent by the contractor on implementation of a certain task. Usually TM projects are long-term projects or projects on maintenance. 

Time & Material business model suits best for:

  • Urgent projects that require immediate start.
  • Projects with unclear or changing requirements.
  • Large projects with regularly extending project scope.
  • Legacy projects.
  • Projects on maintenance.


1 First enquire received and initial scope of work is discussed.

2 Rough estimate is prepared according to the provided requirements.

3 Contract terms are discussed and agreed upon.

4 Work with weekly or bi-weekly delivery of results starts.


  • Possibility to quickly jump into the project without extra time for analysis and research.
  • Anytime availability of required resources.
  • Saves time on pre-project analysis and estimation.
  • Flexibility to the maximum.
  • Ability to increase project team and add developers or 3D artists to the team at any time.
  • Possibility of direct communication with any team members.

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