Fixed Cost Projects

In today’s rapidly developing world customers appreciate flexibility in all aspect of work and when it comes to the project estimation it is increasingly demanding to offer business models that perfectly fit a customer’s project needs and business requirements.

We provide the possibility to choose between Fixed Price and Dedicated Artists business models. We also assume an option when some features of both models can be combined into one for the profit of our clients.

What is a Fixed Price business model?

Fixed Price business model is a perfect variant in case when a client has clearly predefined the scope, specifications, deliverables and acceptance criteria of the project. For our part we analyze the requirements and together with the customer agree to a fixed price and deadlines. A client will be charged no additional amount, regardless of the amount of resources or time we expend. We assume risks and provide a low-risk option for the client by signing detailed assignment agreement. However, in case of a major alteration, a client can be charged a prior approved rate of fixed hourly price.


1Project specifications and deadlines are well-defined

2Scope of services are discussed and agreed

3Fixed project price agreed

4Fixed hourly rate for any major alterations agreed

5Assignment agreement signed

6Project development started in accordance with an agreement

Fixed Price model is the best alternative for:

  • Small and medium level projects with well-predefined requirements and deadlines.
  • Companies, who have an urgent need to do the modeling work for some smaller project.


  • Fixed estimation of project costs
  • Clearly specified project timelines
  • Exact development plan and technical documentation
  • On-time, on-budget delivery of a project
  • Low-risk business model
  • Reliability and predictability to the maximum degree

In case when it is difficult to precisely estimate the project cost and deadlines, as well as resources involved in the development process, we recommend clients to choose our Dedicated Artists business model to lower risks.

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