Why You Should Outsource To Ukraine

Ukraine FlagUkraine built a strong partnership with many European, Western, Asian and other countries and initiated a fruitful cooperation in many industry sectors.

Ukraine IT field became one of the most profitable lines of business for those who are interested in qualified remote development services. And still some people when choosing between other outsourcing alternatives have doubts about building business relationships with Ukrainian companies. To dispel all disbeliefs you should consider the following advantages of Ukraine as a country of professionals:

14th most educated nation

Ukrainians are considered to be one of the most intelligent nation in the world with more than 200 internationally certified higher establishments. About 60% of youth receive bachelor's, master's and doctorate's degrees in universities and academies after getting a secondary education.

2Literacy rate outreaches 99,8%

Ukraine has about 650,000 graduates each year from more than 600 higher establishments in March 2016. In addition, almost 300,000 of people take speciality and advanced training courses annually.

3 30,000 new IT professionals each year

Ukraine trained about 30 thousand of IT specialist annually, including graduates from specialized schools, courses and universities. Ukraine established more than 20 major IT educational centers that provide specialists with a comprehensive knowledge of IT subjects.

4 100+ worldwide IT companies have branch offices in Ukraine

More than a hundred of global service providers open Ukrainian R&D facilities.

5 20 times growth in IT outsourcing for the past ten years

The overall share of outsourcing in Ukrainian IT industry exceeded over 40% for the past decade. Today Ukraine ranks fifth among the world's fastest growing IT outsourcing markets.

6 Ukraine is ranked third in the world in the number of IT certified experts

For the last five years, Ukraine was named among the European countries that have the largest number of employees in the IT field; over 70% of them are highly professional and internationally certified specialist. Ukraine has improved its ranking compared to 2013 and in 2015 entered the TOP3 countries with the most certified IT professionals.

7 IT is one of the most profitable structures of Ukraine economy

In 2015 of the net profit of software development industry was evaluated in 6,8 billion US dollars. The export volume of IT services in 2015 raised to $2,5 and took the third place among industries with the most profit spare in Ukraine economy according to Ukraine Digital News report.

8 Ukrainians know lingua franca

No country has a language barrier with Ukraine since IT field is full of professionals with strong knowledge of English, German and/or French.

9 A wide range of proving services

The IT market in Ukraine offers an extremely broad range of outsourcing services from IT consulting services to full-cycle turn-key software development.

10 Best market value

In 2014, Ukraine took the fifth place as the country that has the best market prices of IT outsourcing services that is, basically, one-half of the Europe, US and Canada prices. Ukrainian professionals ensure the high quality of products and services at a reasonable cost.

Ukraine is developing and improving its IT sector in order to support international and native business and supply its outsourced clients with top IT professionals. The best results of cooperation with Ukraine companies can be reached in one-time projects and long-term partnership. Choosing Ukrainian company as a reliable partner you will receive a quality product or a service and make an investment in your future development.

Ukraine Is Open For Your New IT Projects!

Sources: Ukrstat, KyivPost, Interfax, Ukraine Digital News, Wikipedia, Mastersportal

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